Our first Angel Network Partner!

By: StarBaby
01 Oct, 2017

One of the most exciting aspects about launching StarBaby was pondering all the great charities we’d be partnering with and how we’d – with your help – be able to make a real contribution to their efforts.

Choosing which charities should benefit was simple – our monthly winners would decide! Part of the prize for the 1st place People’s Choice Winner would be to nominate a charity to benefit from the following month’s competition. And then it hit us – what about month 1, where we didn’t yet have a winner from a previous month to make that call.. we’d have to choose the first charity! In fact, we’d have to choose the first 2, as timing-wise the winner of our first competition will only be able to nominate a charity for January. So for November and December it was over to us – talk about pressure!

It wasn’t easy – there are so many deserving organisation out there doing amazing work with babies, and we hope to work with many of them over the coming months and years as StarBaby grows. After much research, we are so proud to announce the very first member of our Angel Network, the charity that will benefit from the proceeds of the November competition, the Robin Hood Foundation’s Love the Babies Project.

This very special initiative led to the creation of the Robin Hood Foundation, which started informally in June 2005 when Durban businesswoman, Cindy Norcott, saw an opportunity to clothe ten poor babies for a year with her daughters’ outgrown baby clothes. After distributing second hand clothes and toiletries to needy mums, seeing the emotions and hearing the many horror stories of new mums leaving hospitals with their newborn babies wrapped in newspaper, Cindy and her team of volunteers were motivated to intensify efforts and begin the “Love the Babies” project.

Through this initiative, needy mums from AIDS affected communities in the broader Durban area are given a ‘Love the Babies’ Bag for the first year of their new baby’s life. Essentially a baby shower in a bag, the ‘Love the Babies’ Bags are always so well-received by the needy mums who they donate to.

On hearing about their selection, Cindy commented “I am so excited you’ve chosen RHF’s Love the Babies! We’d love to be your Charity of Choice for your first competition.”

In addition to receiving 50% of the profits generated through our first competition (with a promise of a minimum donation of R2500 if we don’t generate any profit in our first month), the team from Love the Babies will select our first Angel’s Choice competition winners! Now that’s what we call spreading a little starlight..