A Star is Born

By: StarBaby
01 Oct, 2017

A mom and daughter (from the marketing and finance world) wanted to start a business together that focused on the good things in life and did some good in the process. As the idea took shape, two tech-savvy brothers who shared their ethos joined the team, and Starlight Media was born. We want to allow people to showcase what’s precious to them while giving back to causes that are dear to them, and StarBaby is the first of our.. well…babies!

In searching for partners, we wanted only the best of the best – companies and people with Star qualities, who shared our vision, and who we could also support in building their businesses and causes.

We knew we’d found a friend when we met Carmen Peters, “Super Mama” of BABARAZZI.CO.ZA (pronounced like "Paparazzi", but with "B's"), the baby enthusiast's online store. How could we not fall deeply in like with someone whose true entrepreneurial spirit earned her a spot at the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship South African, and whose personal motto is “LIVELOVELAUGH”? Says Carmen “As a mom of three beautiful kids (2 boys and a girl), my children are my passion. I want nothing more than to enjoy them and be present and actively involved in their well-being and growth. Babarazzi affords me this ability, and makes it possible for other moms to do the same by offering them an unrivaled online experience with all the best quality baby and toddler brands in one place, simple intuitive navigation worthy of any international e-store, safe online shopping, snazzy personalised touches and friendly, consistent service. Babarazzi also allows me to share my experience of motherhood, and my take on stylish but practical mommyhood.”

We are so proud to announce that Babarazzi has partnered with StarBaby to offer sensational prizes to our winners, and exclusive promotions to all our monthly entrants. Speaking of our new friendship, Carmen notes “A new baby is like a little celebrity born into your world; complete with flashing cameras, enquiring friends and family and super-important milestones worthy of any E-Channel report! Partnering with StarBaby made perfect sense – I mean we are GAGA for BABA after all and could not think of a more perfect fit!”